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About Us

We are Midwives as well as

mother and daughter



I am Emma, eldest of Debbie's three children. We are both midwives with a passion for education. 

We really enjoy running our own business, doing what we love, helping expectant and new parents on their journey through parenthood because family is at the centre of who we are, as well as the events we organise. 

With a combined experience of over 30 years as qualified practicing Midwives within the NHS, We are committed to empowering and educating parents and professionals alike.

Mum was a late starter to Midwifery, qualifying when she was 40 (having had many different roles before then, including a police officer, a landlady and a nursery school teacher) but out of them all, Midwifery is her real calling, she wishes she could have been a midwife in the 'Call the Midwife' era cycling round to see her women, facilitating home births and empowering new mothers.

I (Emma) can not remember wanting to be anything else. Although I did have a little wobble when I saw how hard the training was while mum was studying, and my love for drama and all things performance snuck in, so I went on to do 18 months in a media technology course before going back to my original idea of midwifery and have never looked back. Taking on roles such as blood transfusion link Midwife, writing policies for the NHS trust I worked for and being the postnatal ward manager for 3 years means I have a wide range of experience in all areas of midwifery.

As qualified mentors and antenatal educators we have been teaching student midwives and running antenatal classes within the NHS for over 15 years. Educating and empowering hundreds of new parents within the NHS, and now we are making them available to ALL parents no matter where you are birthing your baby or how. With the addition of our online classes we now reach expectant parents across the country.

We facilitate study days for birth professionals and well-being seminars for women on important subjects such as menopause and pelvic floor health.

If you have a question or a comment we would love to hear from you and hope to see you at one of our events very soon.

Emma x

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