Congratulations on expecting a baby!

Whether you are a new mum or an experienced one, each pregnancy is different.

Our pregnancy events are different too, we offer advice and information that is current, realistic, and highly supportive for the mums and dads of today. 

Plus, we have a mixture of virtual and face-to-face events to allow everyone to feel safe and have the opportunity to attend.

Receive safe, experienced, and supportive expert advice and information on all things pregnancy from Debbie & Emma, as well as their team of experts.

You will never forget your pregnancy and the birth of your children, whether it is your first or fifth, each time becomes a part of who you are.

Let us help prepare you for your birth and make it a positive experience, where you have the power and knowledge to make decisions throughout the process that are right for you and your baby. We will help you trust your baby, body and your instincts.