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Emergency First Aid For under 5's

First Aid Course for parents with under fives


Our first aid course for expectant parents and parents of children under 5 years are taught by an experienced paramedic Terry and paediatric nurse and resuscitation officer Karen.

PBB Events have teamed up with Terry and Karen from Whylee Medical Training to provide you a relaxed, stress free, online training session to go over what you need to know to feel confident if you were ever to need to administer first aid in an emergency to your baby or child under 5.

Would you know what to do if your child had a medical emergency?

The likely hood is you will never need to use it but in the rare circumstances that you do need to, by attending this course you will have the knowledge to help.

Our course is taught by Whylee Medical Training. Terry is an ex paramedic and now training provider. He is joined by his wife Karen who is a paediatric nurse by trade and currently working within the NHS as part of a resuscitation team.

In this 1 and a half hour online Zoom course we cover how to help a baby or child who is:

  • unresponsive and breathing

  • unresponsive and not breathing

  • is choking

  • is burnt or scolded

  • is suffering from shock

  • is suffering from a seizure

and Terry and Karen are ready and willing to answer any questions you have around these topics and more.