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Carrie-Anne's Breastfeeding Journey

, So I’m terrified of spiders 🕷 The next most terrifying thing next to this was after I gave birth to my first child!

Emma asked me to share my experience as a new mum not to scare you but hopefully to empower and encourage you to go with your maternal instinct (yes everyone has one) to seek help and advice when needed and stick to what you want. I knew that I would be the bestest mummy ever..... then I had my daughter (O).

As soon as she was born I was scared. Crazy eh!

I knew from that moment this tiny beauty was solely dependent on me..... Only me, as I decided during my pregnancy, actually before then, that I would only breastfeed!! This turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

We both found it difficult to latch. I had help in the hospital as I stayed overnight due to O being born at 5:45pm.

I was scared!! When I got home, I was not prepared for all the crying. She wasn’t latching properly. My midwife came over every single day for 13 days!!! (Probably unheard of now)

O lost more than 10% of her body weight. From 6lb 12 birth weight to 5lb 9 all because I couldn’t feed her.... I was failing her (God, this is making me cry). Our midwife, a week in, asked if I was sure I wanted to breast feed? She was an absolute advocate of breastfeeding, but I think she even questioned herself with me. My Husband on the other hand just wanted to give her a bottle! He completely understood what I wanted, but also wanted his daughter to be fed! It was hard for him!!

I went to a breastfeeding clinic where we were taught to breastfeed.... it worked for me when I was there, but then I had to go home it was a different story.....

Day 13, evening, another midwife came and she was sooooo lovely (I actually loved her!) she made me eat a large slice of cake, and then all of a sudden, my milk flowed like it had never flowed before!!!

Although O was feeding, she was still crying a lot??

Long story short (After all you’ve read 😂) After a trip to the hospital, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and had to be put into a premie harness due to her size!!!

Totally broke my heart, but she just accepted it! Even thought it was tough.... not being able to bath her, clothes not fitting over the harness etc.... she was a happy baby! Finally she was content... she fed, she grew, I was now expressing so her dad could feed her with a bottle... she stopped crying and we got our first decent nights sleep at 3 months old.

My son on the other hand was a 4 hour labour and latched straight away..... I finally knew what I was doing.

I guess what I am trying to say is don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s easy, it’s not! But it is definitely worth it..... not necessarily in the first 3 months! I wish I knew Emma at the time so she could have helped and guided me through this time but we didn’t meet until O was 3 (when our eldest children went to nursery together) You will have your moments of ‘worth it’ even when they turn 12...... still comes with trials and tribulations but so worth it..... God speed 🤣 Carrie Anne


The National Breastfeeding Helpline

0300 100 0212 (Open 9.30am t0 9.30pm every single day of the year) - web chat available Breastfeeding Padlet by Kay Barber - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant & Midwife. Birth Beginnings & Beyond Ltd

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