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Sam's Home Birth

At 37, almost 38, weeks we were given the go ahead to plan for a home birth.

This meant a COVID test and then shielding until baby came.

My waters broke at 8:30am and I phoned hospital triage. We were sent to the ABC (Alexandra Birthing Centre), where I was checked out and told everything was going as it should. I was sent home, with the midwife on the ward saying she hoped she didn’t see me again! 😂

When I got home, the TENS machine went on. We had done a hypnobirthing course so was feeling relaxed at this stage.

Sian, the community midwife, arrived around 3pm and examined me; I was at 6cm and allowed to get into the pool.

Later, Midwives Hayley and Grace arrived to take over.

My birth plan was to not use gas and air but I caved and asked for some! After a few hours, Hayley said I needed to get out and have a walk around to help baby get into the right place. I got back in the pool and was able to refocus without the gas and air through the 2nd stage using hypnobirthing techniques.

Matilda arrived safely at around 8:30pm. The midwifes were amazing! My placenta didn’t want to budge but eventually did very close to the 1 hour mark. They checked it all, put in a couple of stitches, helped me in to the shower and made sure I was tucked up in bed with toast to cuddle with Matilda and Dad. They then cleaned everything (minus the pool of course) and then sat doing paperwork for the next few hours. We were shocked by how much they had to do!! I would highly recommend a home birth- the experience was positive and the best part was getting into our own bed at the end of it all, with little one sleeping soundly next to us!

Just wanted to also say thank you for everything you are doing to support pregnant and new mums at the moment. When the NHS classes were cancelled we felt a little lost and your classes were great at preparing us! (We also did NCT, mainly for the chance to meet other expectant couples locally, but I would recommend yours to others over it hands down!) It’s also been great getting the latest from the trust direct from you as you are there working so get all the up to date info.

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