Walking & Talking Hemel

A gentle stroll around a park for expectant and new mums

  • Gadebridge Park, Hemel

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It is well documented that exercise in pregnancy and after birth is beneficial for physical fitness and mental health and well being. Our aim is to get pregnant women out in the fresh air, talking to other pregnant women and new mums whilst getting some gentle exercise you can also find support and reassurance from others in the same situation as you. The evidence is out there about how good exercise is in pregnancy for mental health benefits, releasing endorphins making you feel brighter and happier, and walking is a good way of keeping fit and healthy. Our new mums also need the networks as it can feel really isolating with a new baby indoors all the time. It offers a chance to talk to other new mums and know that you are not the only one experiencing that feeling or worrying about something, and that alone can be such a relief.

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