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Student Midwife Hub

For £5 a month you can meet with other students from around the country, learn from two experienced midwives and share your experiences and build on your knowledge you are getting from university and placement.

  • Every month you will receive an email about the months subject, what it is and what we will be covering in the month as well as places to go for further learning if you wish, via podcasts, books, and websites.

  • You will get access to a private Facebook page where we will be posting regularly on the subject of the month and asking you to share your knowledge and questions so we can all learn together.

  • As well as being given the opportunity to join us for a monthly zoom call to talk through any questions, tackle some scenarios and share our learning for the month.

  • 25% off our birth professional events

  • Finally you will be able to listen to Emma & Deb live once a month in the private group chat about their experiences on the subject of the month and their golden nuggets of wisdom for you, as well as sharing your comments and questions for the month!


Led by Deb & Emma, registered qualified midwives for over 30 years combined.

Deb has worked within the labour ward setting, a stand alone birth centre as well as a midwifery led birth centre integrated to a maternity unit, she has lead a team of midwives to provide the antenatal education for an NHS trust, she then got the job of supervisor of midwives, finally working the last few years in a community setting.

Emma has worked in all settings within maternity care. She worked on rotation for the first few years taking on roles like transfusion link nurse, as well as helping to write and implement new policies in a team of midwives preparing the maternity unit for their CNST assessment. She then got the job of postnatal ward manager which she held job for 3 years, and now works on the bank mainly on labour ward, but happy to rotate anywhere.

Starting September 2021 - check out our topics below.


A safe place to learn, ask questions and build on the knowledge you already have.

September 2021

An introduction to midwifery.

Why did you become a midwife and where did midwifery 'with women' come from. How does our backgrounds and knowledge influence the way we practice.


November 2021

Postnatal care of the mother.

Learn the 'normal' inside out. What should be included in a postnatal check, what are you looking for and why. What advice should you be giving. What do we miss?

Postnatal study

January 2022

Medicine Management - The Basics.

Midwives exemptions, PGDs. Postnatal pain relief and Should we really be encouraging paracetamol is early labour?

Vitamins and pills

October 2021

Antenatal Appointments.

What should be in an antenatal appointment? What does NICE and your trust say MUST be included. How do we assess physical and mental health during appointments. When is appropriate to refer and to who? Learn your 'normal' inside out.

pic preg.png

December 2021

All about Vitamin K.

What is it? why do we recommend it? what does the research say?


February 2022

The Pelvis.

Lets remind ourselves of the structures, the muscles, the ligaments and how they actually work together in pregnancy, labour and birth. Touching on bio mechanics of labour.

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